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100x100 brushes
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Welcome back to 100x100 Brushes. For 100x100 Brushes.
. . about .

100x100-brushes has always been one of my favorite communities here at livejournal, so when I seen that it was deleted that really upset me. So I definitely wanted to bring it back, so here it is!

. Rules .. Anything Else? .

01>> This community is not for posting finished icons.
02>> Do not crosspost if your journal is friends only, or if your resources have a password, or if vistors have to comment to get a password. It's perfectly fine to say 'please comment if you take.' Also, don't crosspost if you plan on locking your journal.
03>> In the future tagging will be required, but right now it's not required to do so, as I'm still hashing that out.
04>> Only 3 previews before a cut, max size 500x500.
05>> Only one post per day please.
06>> Don't use a hosting site that will expire, that's not required but it will make it easier for you. Places like DeviantART, & 4Shared.
07>> Like before in this community you may post other resources other than 100x100 brushes but only 100x100 brushes in the preview.
08>> You may post image pack, but you must also post an image files with them.
09>> What you post must be made by you.

Not at the moment.
Updated Feb 17, 2012

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